Whispering Gallery

Stand in this curved space.
Words flow around you,
their source unre­vealed.
Whose voice? Famil­iar,
yet changed. A whisper.

It is pos­si­ble to split
a beam of pure light,
to refract and reflect
two paired pho­tons
in oppo­site directions.

No mat­ter how far apart,
even on oppo­site sides
of the known uni­verse,
they remain entan­gled,
mir­ror­ing each other.

When I was younger,
I sought the secret
of dreaming—how
to con­trol the dream. Now,
I seek only the entrance.




Jared Carter’s forthcoming book of poems is A Dance in the Street, available in the fall of 2012 from Wind Publications in Kentucky. Wind published his previous collection, Cross this Bridge at a Walk, in 2006. His work has appeared in Poetry, The New Yorker, TriQuarterly, Iowa Review, Hudson Review The Dark Horse, Prairie Schooner, and Kenyon Review. Addi­tional poems and sto­ries may be found on his web site at www.jaredcarter.com.