Twilight in March

The silent scent of twilight in the spring;
The sky’s transparent gray beyond the hills;
The blazing ridge, our mother’s cedar chest
Of sunshine; there a speckled field of crow
And hay; the drafting hawk on drooping wing
That far above the reticent earth shrills
A drifting cry, below the tree line, west….
Our cradling earth—only this one I know—
For which the boundless hours I could sing
Unending love—sweet love—which life compels.
And I asleep upon my mother’s breast
Of lapping midnights, wrapped in winter’s throws,
Will, with the quiet chorus of my heart,
Yield back the dawn that endless dusks impart.





Alfred Dorn began writing poetry at age ten after reading James Russell Lowell’s “Aladdin.” A prolific, widely published writer of metrical verse, he is the author of Voices From Rooms,and From Cells To Mindspace, both published in 1997 by Somers Rocks Press; and Claire And Christmas Village, issued by Pivot Press in 2002. He is the coordinator of the World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poets Contest, which offers large cash awards for the best metrical entries. Dr. Dorn’s interests include art history, philosophy, travel, antiques, and psychic research