Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Monoliths glow in the moonlight. The Monk’s humble hut
                                                                                 is hidden
in the fog, Stonehenge, boulders, thirteen moon columns
are stonewashed, blurred. Only a giant footmark is visible
on rocky courtyard, collecting dewdrops.
It is silent. The octogenarian monk
                                                     watches butterflies
swarming out of the surrounding forest—
                                                                   Shaw tails, Emperors—
ascending upward toward the temple.
This time of year, they come here to die.

Sankar Roy, originally from India, is a poet, translator, activist and multimedia artist living near Pittsburgh, PA. He is a winner of PEN USA Emerging Voices, a Rosenthal Fellow, a finalist for Benjamin Franklin Award, winner of Skipping Stone Award and author of three chapbooks of poetry. Sankar’s poems have appeared and forthcoming in over eighty journals and anthologies.