Camping Out

With a start from the vastness of the night
I dove in my bag like a star-struck loon
Then sneaked a peek and saw the moon
Reach down with fingers made of light
And that Someone had stuck on the darkened dome
Decals that glowed to remind me that
There was more to the night than the cowering height
Of a lonely sky, and that I was home,
Tucked in and safe, with a handy mon-
itor hooked up to an intercom.
But I didn’t know whether it was on,
And if a scream would make Him come!
Yet as I had that thought or dream
I thought I saw the Moon Man—smile.
So in the end I did not scream
But watched the patterns glow awhile.

James B. Nicola, winner of three poetry awards and recipient of one Rhysling and two Pushcart nominations, has published over 400 poems in Atlanta Review, Tar River, Texas Review, &c. A Yale grad and stage director by profession, his book Playing the Audience won a Choice Award. First full-length collection: “Manhattan Plaza” scheduled for 2014.