A Note on the Type

This sonnet is set up in Frisian Hook,
designed by Paolo Bembo in the year
sixteen-o-six for an illicit book
of obscene verse about the papal rear
and boy sopranos from Maria Sopra
Goddess Minerva (this was in the days
when papal crimes were not all over Oprah
and CNN).  A lovely type, with rays
of serifs, it goes well with purple ink.
(Typesetter, please consider the above
a challenge to your skill.  I hate to think
some printer will undo this act of love
and leave my sonnet dissolute and bland
amid whatever typeface comes to hand.)

Gail White is the author of The Accidental Cynic (a winner of the Anita Dorn Memorial Award for Poetry), and Easy Marks (a nominee for the Poets Prize). She has recent work in First Things, Able Muse, and Evansville Review. She lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana with her husband and cats.