Why, come into the shade and rest awhile,
My dear, said the crone with the winning smile,
The sun has been burning on your face,
She purred with an other-worldly grace
In dulcimer tones, But here, my sweet,
You can escape from the light and heat.
So bright and so hot was the day that he,
Eyes dripping with sweat, could barely see
The thing that drew him under a tree
And into the cave of shade. They went
Deep in the dark, then she left the gent,
Stranding him there where he has spent
The oblivious life of a pampered prince,
Insignificant, ever since.

James B. Nicola, winner of three poetry awards and recipient of one Rhysling and two Pushcart nominations, has published over 400 poems in Atlanta Review, Tar River, Texas Review, &c. A Yale grad and stage director by profession, his book Playing the Audience won a Choice Award. First full-length collection: “Manhattan Plaza” scheduled for 2014.