The Crying of Lot 449

Today it’s Sotheby’s delight (and duty)

To auction Emily Dickinson’s Mind—

Via her poem “I died for Beauty.”

(We’ve acquired the manuscript, signed!)


A sheik from Dubai bids 900 million…

Going once, going twice, going… thrice?

(We owe it to our poet to top a billion

Lest she suffer “disgrace of price.”)



David Alpaugh’s work has appeared in The Formalist, Hypertexts, and Raintown Review. His essay "The New Math of Poetry," published in February by The Chronicle of Higher Education, has spurred wide discussion on the internet (as have his earlier essays "The Professionalization of Poetry" and "What's Really Wrong with Poetry Book Contests?"). His first collection of poetry, Counterpoint, won the Nicholas Roerich Prize from Story Line Press. His second, Heavy Lifting, appeared in 2007 from Alehouse Press with a preface by Richard Moore.