He did not rob the rich, my son;
    He was a goodly man.
He did not love the poor, my son;
    He did love Marianne.
Nah!  Robyn Hode opposed the tax
    And he opposed the Prince,
And he the ministers attacked
    When they the people pinched.
When they took coin and liberty,
    Both Robyn and his men
Fought the Prince and freed the money
    And gave it back again.
Again the people suffer sore
And now we need a Robyn.

Michael Curtis is a classical sculptor, painter, and architect who lives in Alexandria, Virginia. His verses have been published in Candelabrum, Blue Unicorn, The New Formalist, The Lyric, American Arts Quarterly, Amphora, Pivot, and many other journals. His translation of Afrikaans verse, “Land of Sunlight and Stars” will be published in 2012.