Attorney General Hasan

Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Akbar;
Al-Sharia, Ali Akhbar.”
A lovely language, isn’t it?
So what he shot the place to bits.
He had his cause, he had his job
To murder infidel nabobs.
It is our duty to defend
Good Islam from bad soldier men,
So we will show in civil court
How redneck soldiers at the fort
Deserved to die for prejudice
Against Islam. Go! Do him justice,
Convince the jury to admit it,
The tension and the pistol did it.

Michael Curtis is a classical sculptor, painter, and architect who lives in Alexandria, Virginia. His verses have been published in Candelabrum, Blue Unicorn, The New Formalist, The Lyric, American Arts Quarterly, Amphora, Pivot, and many other journals. His translation of Afrikaans verse, “Land of Sunlight and Stars” will be published in 2012.