In the News

Morning, caught up in the news of the day,
The Providence Journal's flat black and white,
Sports scores, weather, who killed who overnight,
A politician with nothing to say
About dogged rumors he might be gay,
Fusillade from the left, blurb from the right,
College professor concerned at the plight
Of a near extinct Eurasian ground jay.
Page after page, I eagerly consume
The world in columns, puff pieces, rants, whines,
Editorials, while leaving some room
For my own life story, its hopeful signs
Having it out with the usual doom,
But with less ink, much less glaring headlines.

John Grey is an Australian born poet. Recently published in International Poetry Review, Vallum and the science fiction anthology, “The Kennedy Curse” with work upcoming in Bryant Literary Magazine, Natural Bridge and the Oyez Review.