Saint Munditia

(in the Peterskirche, Munich)

Your lurid leer, dear, caught me unprepared.
O how unsubtly your lusty grin
Conveys for me the rude results of sin!
I scarcely could have guessed how much you cared.

With gems for teeth and eyes, you simply glared
Till I was mesmerized, yes, quite done in
By your Blake’s-Tyger orbs and fleshless chin.
Sad centuries seemed to drift past as I stared

At you, supine there like a concubine,
A lover lounging on her lush divan
As I stood cowed and under her control.

Will we meet Death by such unsought design,
Unmanned, with hardly time to think or plan,
Consumed, whole, by her far greater soul?

William Ruleman is Professor of English at Tennessee Wesleyan College, where he teaches a wide range of courses, including creative writing and literature, with a specialization in modern poetry in English. His poems have appeared in Acumen, Candelabrum, East River Review, The New Formalist, The Sonnet Scroll, The Galway Review, and Poetry Salzburg Review.