When Menelaus held you fast
             you slipped on through
The shapes of leopard, serpent past
              and lion new,

But he would not relent. Gray sky
             and trees and wind
And things unspeakable streamed by,
             and at the end

You answered his first question true –
             that they were gone,
Or scattered now, whom he once knew
              and rallied on.

Jared Carter’s forthcoming book of poems is A Dance in the Street, available in the fall of 2012 from Wind Publications in Kentucky. Wind published his previous collection, Cross this Bridge at a Walk, in 2006. His work has appeared in Poetry, The New Yorker, TriQuarterly, Iowa Review, Hudson Review The Dark Horse, Prairie Schooner, and Kenyon Review. Addi­tional poems and sto­ries may be found on his web site at