George Schuyler and the Pittsburgh Courier, 1964

Honored sir, we recognize your service
at the Pittsburgh Courier these past years.
Your latest words have made us very nervous,
although we used to love your wit that pierced

those worthy of contempt, your tongue has steeled
too far this time: You shouldn’t disrespect
Dr. Martin Luther King’s ideals
with all your talk about how he infects

the United States as a typhoidal strain.
We know you’ve talents no other column writer
since Mencken had to shift against the grain,
but you’ve become to us an ill-timed griper.

His hope for social strife was mixing up,
. . . as a white ewe by a black ram is tupped.





Christopher Fried (b. 1985) is a native Virginian, a resident of Wiliamsburg, VA, and an alumnus of The College of William and Mary. He has had poetry published in journals such as The Lyric, The Road Not Taken, Blue Unicorn, and The Chaffin Journal. He had his first collection of poetry, All Aboard the Timesphere, published Summer 2013. His website is