Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

It’s over.  Our country, the United States of America, has just dodged a bullet.  We’ve awakened from the nightmare of having Hillary Rodham Clinton as our next chief executive.

There’s even more to be grateful for.  The election of 2016 has finally killed the Clinton chimaera.  The stranglehold—financial, political, and ideological—that the Clintons and their ghastly foundation have had on American government in general and the Democratic Party in particular is now broken.  Oh sure—the Clintons still have behind them vast funds and connections, and their paid-up whores in the media, and the malignant specter of George Soros.  But they can no longer claim to be unstoppable.  Their overentitled elitist juggernaut has stalled and sputtered to a halt.

And a guy from Queens—my home borough of New York City—has done it!  In the face of the arrogant recalcitrance of a gutless Republican Party, and the naked, bigoted hostility of America’s mainstream media, and the savage hatred of our narcissistic chattering classes, a guy from Jamaica Estates in Queens County has taken the Presidency, and carried his party to the control of both houses of Congress.  God bless you and keep you, Donald Trump!

Left-liberalism, the official ideological orthodoxy of the American ruling class, has been dealt a stinging and retributive blow.  That class’s insufferable smugness and condescension, and its patronizing contempt for ordinary Americans, have been slapped in the face.  This election is a massive Fuck You to the self-anointed poo-bahs who think they have a divine right to tell us how to live and how to think and how to speak.  We’re not taking your shit anymore.  Got that, guys?

A lot of things contributed to this massive and unheralded victory.  We must never forget the brave Julian Assange, whose timely release of secret Clinton e-mails showed the visceral anti-Catholicism of Clinton’s staff, and the deep contempt in which Catholics are held by the ruling class to which Hillary belongs.  It was the revelation of these e-mails, along with Clinton’s cavalierly smug photo-ops with the baby-butchers and baby-part mongers of Planned Parenthood, that tipped the Catholic vote decidedly against the Democratic ticket in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Julian Assange helped win those three states for Donald Trump.  No wonder Hillary wanted him droned, as reported by some of her staff.

There was much more.  The direst red flag was Hillary’s open boast that her private, personal opinions were different from her publicly expressed positions.  Say what?  Not even the most degraded and corrupt politician ever admits to that.  Such a public statement betrays an arrogance so deep, and such a total flippancy towards the question of honesty and integrity, that it takes one’s breath away.  This woman suffers from an elephantiasis of self-absorption so massive that it makes Greek hubris look like a minor case of the sniffles.

We’ve been temporarily saved from many things, not the least of which was an armed conflict with Putin’s Russia.  Hillary Clinton is owned by powerful banking and financial interests that are infuriated by Russia’s refusal to be a supine victim of global kleptocracy.  These Soros-led interests engineered the bloody coup in the Ukraine, and have been pushing for provocative new military bases in countries bordering Russia.  A Clinton presidency would have seen an exponential increase in hostility towards Russia, with a real chance of war.  Hillary wanted and pushed for war in Syria, and war in Libya.  Her face itself is a mask of repressed grievance and aggression, just itching for an outlet to express its bottled-up fury.  Did we really want an angry, embittered, menopausal old bag with access to the nuclear go-codes?

Consider what would have happened to the Supreme Court.  Hillary would have packed it with complaisant and mindless leftish justices, all of whom would have worked hand in hand to gut the Second Amendment, modify and limit the First, and ratify every new law and regulation that would expand the special privileges of “protected classes” of freaks and perverts.  She would have had another four years to appoint activist liberal scum to the Federal bench everywhere in the nation. And she would have opened the floodgates to illegal and unimpeded immigration.

Her promise to enact and enforce new laws against “hate speech” was code for clamping down on conservative, right-wing, and Christian commentary that violated the expectations of our official Left-Liberal Religion.  As Michael Matt of The Remnant has said, a great many oppositional voices would have been silenced or criminalized, and “homeschools were to become illegal enterprises in the village Mrs. Clinton had in mind.  Even our ability to move about freely would have been undermined by Mrs. Clinton, who had promised to enforce the no-fly list against ‘haters.’”  The inquisitional vermin in the SPLC would have been given broad powers to harass and intimidate anyone they consider to be insufficiently progressive.  Hillary is an amazingly vindictive bitch, and she certainly would have gone after anyone who was a part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that had the effrontery to oppose her.

But all of this horror is forestalled or at least postponed.  The Wicked Witch Is Dead.  There’s a lot of talk about Chelsea Clinton carrying on the Clinton legacy, but that of course will depend on whether the vacuous Chelsea actually grows a brain or not.  Meanwhile, a great many stupid celebrities and public figures now have to make good on their promise to emigrate from America should Donald Trump win.  Well, he’s won.  Are you guys leaving or not?  I’m waiting to hear from Miley Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer, Tom Hanks, and most especially from the viciously anti-Catholic Rosie O’Donnell, to whom Trump is a hated bête noire.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful cleansing of the air if these assorted assholes actually did leave for Canada or New Zealand?

But I don’t expect it to happen.  Like all careerists, these loudmouths are too fixated on their income to leave the country where they make it.  Some may make a temporary show of leaving, but they’ll all eventually return to where the big bucks are.

And Rosie… don’t let the door hit your fat ass when you leave.



Joseph S. Salemi has published poems, translations, and scholarly articles in over one hundred journals throughout the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. His four collections of poetry are Formal Complaints and Nonsense Couplets, issued by Somers Rocks Press, Masquerade from Pivot Press, and The Lilacs on Good Friday from The New Formalist Press. He has translated poems from a wide range of Greek and Roman authors, including Catullus, Martial, Juvenal, Horace, Propertius, Ausonius, Theognis, and Philodemus. In addition, he has published extensive translations, with scholarly commentary and annotations, from Renaissance texts such as the Faunus poems of Pietro Bembo, The Facetiae of Poggio Bracciolini, and the Latin verse of Castiglione. He is a recipient of a Herbert Musurillo Scholarship, a Lane Cooper Fellowship, an N.E.H. Fellowship, and the 1993 Classical and Modern Literature Award. He is also a four-time finalist for the Howard Nemerov Prize.