The Power of Words

It’s Superman’s cape, or Wonder Woman’s boots,
A costume piece that draws unfriendly laughter,
For no one’s so naive to think such magic
Is blessed with special functions in our world.
Imagination, though, is not instructed.
However much we’re taught a simple truth,
Invincible is such a lovely word,
Implying strength most know they cannot have.
And so we’re left with lessons old as rock:
That skin is subject to a sharper knife;
That hearts will clog; that brightest brains will dull;
That bulletproof is always rent by lead;
And that Achilles’ golden heel was pierced.

Arthur Mortensen of Brooklyn has appeared in many journals and has three collections: A Disciple After the Fact, a novel in verse (Kaba Press); Life in the Theater, sequel, and Why Hamlet Waited So Long (San Sebastian Press). Upcoming is After the Crash, currently in submission. He has been editor & publisher of Somers Rocks Press, Pivot Press, and is Webmaster of