Original Sin

Millennia ago we dwelt in Eden,
The site of our calamitous temptation.

We learned to cope, but then conditions changed
Again: no more the pliant concubine,
The earthen jugs of freely-flowing wine,
With days and nights completely rearranged
To satisfy a vagrant valentine.

The advent of a modern-day Sanhedrin
Precipitated virtual castration

And sudden reapportionment of wealth.
We sinned in haste, repented at our leisure,
But sin no longer, lest we risk our treasure
In civil court. So was it Eve herself,
Or still that clever snake, who spoiled our pleasure?




C.B. Anderson was the longtime gardener for the PBS television series, The Victory Garden. Over the past eight years, hundreds of his poems have appeared in scores of print and electronic journals out of North America, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and India. He is inordinately fond of single malt Scotch whisky.