State of the Union 1

Some things have settled in, like Trump in charge,
and Tillerson, (Rex) at State. Got there late.
There’s Spicer at the podium, a large
amount of press to wrangle, and a spate
of protesters just outside, paid by George,
no, not Bush, but Soros, a left wing nut.
McMaster Chief Security. The gorg–
eous Chou running streets and roads, made the cut
’cause Mitch is Senate Poobah. Democrats,
are playing games, delaying when they can–
Pelosi, Schumer, Fauxcahontas, rats
caught in a trap Reed fashioned. There’s a ban
on bad guys coming in. A new Supreme.
Good Lord! Don’t ever wake me from this dream.

Charles (Charlie) Southerland lives on his farm in North-Central Arkansas where he bales hay, mills lumber, hunts and fishes. When he has time, he writes poetry on just about every subject. He is published in Trinacria, The Rotary Dial, First Things, The Road Not Taken and other journals. He has been nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize and is a finalist in the 2015 Howard Nemerov Sonnet Contest. He likes to write sonnets, villanelles and sapphics.