Jesus Saves

Jesus saves pebbles, all our loss, each win,
Trees on a hilltop, fish, and broken wings.
His lips hold secrets that we sense within.
Has He saved me? Perhaps he has. These things,
Larger than panoramas, rough as rope.
Though not so vast as joy in sunsets, Bach,
He takes, what holds the slightest bit of hope;
What lies within my heart under a lock
That keeps some stings within a special place.
Though they still prickle, decades later on,
He seems to want events we can’t erase;
Creates a transformation in their place
To gold that might have graced the heads of kings—
Jesus saves stings.

Sally Cook is both painter and poet. Whether writ­ing or paint­ing, she keeps a sharp eye out for the psy­cho­log­i­cal por­trait. Her essays and poetry have been pub­lished in jour­nals such as The Chimera, Chron­i­cles, Con­tem­po­rary Son­net, Iambs & Trochees, Pivot, and The For­mal­ist Por­tal. Look for her in the next issue of Light Quar­terly. Cook’s review “Rhyming The Right”, of William Baer’s anthol­ogy “The Con­ser­v­a­tive Poets”, may be seen both in the cur­rent issue of The Uni­ver­sity Book­man and on its website.