The Goddess of Manchester

by Joseph Charles MacKenzie

The newspapers declare them “innocent”
Who made an idol of a singing whore
And glorified a pornographic bore
Whose feculence would pave their souls’ descent.

They perished in the moral excrement
Of Baal’s fake goddess, whom they yet adore,
A witch imported from a foreign shore,
Whose twin would bring their final punishment.

Five hundred years of cunning and deceit
Have robbed your tabernacles of your God,
Oh Manchester, where angels fear to dwell!

Now Death controls your every darkened street,
His minions welcomed by approval’s nod,
As you spin fables of an empty hell.


About Joseph Charles MacKenzie

Joseph Charles MacKenzie's has appeared in The Scotsman, The Independent, The New York Times, and US News and World Report, among many other venues. He currently appears in the Society of Classical Poets. Mackenzie Lyric Poetry LLC has just released his audiobook of 77 sonnets read by British actor Ian Russell.