Gunther von Hagens’ Body Arts

Von Hagens, with an expert mind, a skilled anatomist,
Opined to be an artist with his skillful surgeon’s wrist.
Like Joseph Beuys, his face was gaunt and squeezed beneath a hat.
Both German, they thought art could heal and played around with fat.

Von Hagens never bowed to Galen, nor Vesalius,
Who said dissection’s meant for curing – for the best of us –
It’s not for snips and tucks and ducks and dives and cartwheel steals
Of real originals to hide Chinese corruption deals.

There’s naught in what von Hagens’ posed (his camp positionals)
That can’t be done by copying with most materials –
Take sculpting, 3D printing, holograms, techniques like those –
They all could plinth the knowledge of these twisted body shows:

The only thing that’s new is that dead humans have been rent –
Von Hagens, like most modern artists, strains for “diff-a-rent”.

Damian Robin began to turn out verses in his teens; was toted in fine rags and magazines. He copied older styles, did doggerel, wrote therapy on child abuse as well: these he kept close-to, behind the scenes. Later, he bumped into Falun Gong, found it beautiful but treated wrong. He gave up poetry to help its cause then found that communism’s prized-shut jaws could be opened up with cries in song.