The Party’s Over

On March 15th, 1917, The Bolsheviks forced Tsar Nickolas to abdicate the throne of Russia. Within a year, the Communists had assassinated many of the royal family and buried them beside a road. Four short years later, after the Communists had cemented their power, The American Workers Party sprang into existence. It was an overt Communist organization which advocated communism over capitalism and made no bones about it. While Lenin and his crew were slaughtering Russian intellectuals into the freshly hewn Gulags, the fledgling American Worker’s Party struggled to succeed. The 1920’s indeed, roared. The African Blood Brotherhood and the  Workers Council of the United States were all loosely tied together with the AWP. The Socialist Party of America was a separate party with similar aims as the communists, but preferred to remain unaffiliated. The SPA and the Conference for Progressive Political Action folded into: Tada!, The Progressive Party. Remember recently how Democrats have taken to calling themselves Progressives? (No six degrees of separation going on there, is there?) The Workers Party became the Workers Communist Party, and finally the American Communist Party, the same political party former director of the CIA, John Brennan, voted for a number of years ago. No one likes to be reminded of this, for some reason.

Why do I dredge up old commie socialist and progressive monikers? I’ll tell you why.

When I was a young boy, I worked when I wasn’t in school. I mowed yards to buy my baseball glove, my buzz bike, and my shotgun. I helped my dad set basement forms and drag concrete when we poured slabs. I oiled forms, cleaned up job sites, spread tar on basement walls, all for the privilege to play baseball. Contractors and suppliers were always telling Dad:

“That son of yours sure is a worker.” Dad beamed when those hardworking men said that. I was proud too. They’d come to watch me play ball right alongside their sons who worked too. I didn’t know very many kids back then who didn’t work.

But I despise the use of the word “worker” as it relates to the communists, socialists and progressives. I despise how even modern presidents and other politicians use the word, how it has become so ingrained into our lexicon as if it was just fine to capitulate to those sorry excuses for human beings who hate decency, independence, God and country. A lot of what is wrong with this country lies at the feet of those evil people who now control our schools and universities, and many arms of the government, national, state, and local institutions. I’ve heard the term “worker” used in the same fashion even in church, where God must blanche at the utterance from the Sunday school lesson or sermon from the pulpit.

Bastardized, the term “worker”, is divisive, not inclusive of all those who work for a living. It is a dehumanizing term that divides class and race into a social caste system. Farm workers are different than blue collar workers who are different than white collar workers. Did you ever notice that the elite in this country are never called workers? Many of them are organized, but have you ever been to an union teacher’s meeting? I have. They are liberal and radical, for the most part, and if you disagree with them, you just stay quiet. Try going to an attorney’s convention. Same thing, folks. It all stems from the Leninists and Trotskyites. The goal of these folks has always been to tear America down and rebuild it in their image. They’ve just about completed the task. They hate independence and freedom with a passion. They love to live on and spend other people’s money because they’re too lazy to mow a yard or drag concrete. They want to impose serfdom on the general populace where only they say what goes and doesn’t. All one has to do is listen to the political climate of the mainstream media and the Antifa Fascists and the Leftist Democrats, or Bernie Sanders who has two new houses, one on a lake. How did the Burn make his money? In politics. His wife? Allegedly, she defrauded a university. It’s all about the money and power with those folks. If they can’t make it legally, they’ll find a way to steal it, right down to the poorest kid’s lunch money. Bet on it. And you wonder why they want to take away our guns. We are hanging by a thread. President Trump is just a man, a flawed man, but he loves America, as founded. I’d rather have him than all the “Workers” who ever drew a breath. The deep divisions of our country have never been so stark in modern times. We need to preach freedom in all its forms to survive.

Charles (Charlie) Southerland lives on his farm in North-Central Arkansas where he bales hay, mills lumber, hunts and fishes. When he has time, he writes poetry on just about every subject. He is published in Trinacria, The Rotary Dial, First Things, The Road Not Taken and other journals. He has been nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize and is a finalist in the 2015 Howard Nemerov Sonnet Contest. He likes to write sonnets, villanelles and sapphics.